Institut für Judaistik


Dr. Vaknin Yoav

Postdoctoral researcher

Institut für Judaistik

Office A417
Institute for Jewish Studies, Länggasstrasse 51, 3012 Bern
Aktuell Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Jewish Studies, University of Bern
2018 - 2023 PhD at Tel Aviv University
Supervisors: Prof. Oded Lipschits, Prof. Erez Ben-Yosef and Prof. Ron Shaar. Thesis title: “Key Issues in the Chronology of the Southern Levant in the Iron Age (1050-586 BCE): Archaeomagnetic Synchronization of Destruction Layers and Its Implications". The laboratory work was carried out in the Hagai Ron Paleomagnetic Laboratory at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2019 Field School in Archaeological Science of the Kimmel Center (Weizmann Institute of Science)
2016 - 2018 Studies in Archaeology at Tel Aviv University (MA equivalent, pre-requisite for the PhD program)
2011 - 2012 Studies as part of the MSc program in Mathematics at Tel Aviv University
2010 - 2013 Studies in Mathematics at The Open University
2009 - 2010 MA in Bible, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (“Revivim Program”)
2005 - 2009
BA in Mathematics and Jewish Studies, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Part of the “Revivim Program for Outstanding Students
  • Vaknin Y, Mazar A, Shaar R, Ben-Yosef E (2023) Tel Beth-Shean in the 10th-9th Centuries BCE: a Chronological Query and Its Possible Archaeomagnetic Resolution. In: E. Ben-Yosef and I. Jones (eds.). “And in Length of Days Understanding” (Job 12:12): Essays on Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond in Honor of Thomas E. Levy. (Vol. 1). Cham (Switzerland). pp. 787-810

  • Shalom N, Vaknin Y, Shaar R, Ben-Yosef E, Lipschits O, Shalev Y, Gadot Y, Boaretto E (2023), Destruction by Fire: Reconstructing the Evidence of the 586 BCE Babylonian Destruction in a Monumental Building in Jerusalem, Journal of Archaeological Science 

  • Vaknin Y, Shaar R, Lipschits O, Mazar A, Maeir A.M, Garfinkel Y, Freud L, Faust A, Tappy R.E, Kreimerman I, Ganor S, Covello-Paran K, Sergi O, Herzog Z, Arav R, Lederman Z, Münger S, Fantalkin A, Gitin S, Ben-Yosef E (2022) Reconstructing Biblical Military Campaigns Using Geomagnetic Field Data. PNAS 119(44)

  • Shaar R, Gallet Y, Vaknin Y, Gonen L, Martin M. A. S., Finkelstein I (2022), Archaeomagnetism in Levant and Mesopotamia Reveals the Largest Changes in the Geomagnetic Field, Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth 127

  • Vaknin Y, Shaar R, Ben-Yosef E, Lipschits O, (accepted), Archaeomagnetic Dating of the Outer Revetment Wall at Tel Lachish, Tel Aviv

  • Vaknin Y, Shaar R, Lipschits O, Eliyahu Behar A, Maeir A. M, Ben-Yosef E (accepted) Applying Thermal Demagnetization to Archaeological Materials: A Tool for Detecting Burnt Clay and Estimating Its Firing Temperature, PLoS ONE

  • Ben-Yosef E, Douglass B, Vaknin Y, Yagel O, (forthcoming). Archaeological Surveys. In: Ben-Yosef E (ed.). Timna Valley Revisited: The Tel Aviv Excavations (2013-2018) and Other Studies in the Ancient Copper Mining District of the Southern Aravah. The Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv

  • Vaknin Y (forthcoming). Archaeomagnetic Dating of Levels XI and XIII. In: Tappy R (ed.). The Zeitah Excavations, Volume IV: Material Culture and Post-Iron Age Pottery. Archaeological Reports Series. Alexandria, VA: The American Society of Overseas Research

  • Vaknin Y, Shaar R, Gadot Y, Shalev Y, Lipschits O, Ben-Yosef E (2021) On Jerusalem’s Destruction in the First Temple Period and the Earth’s Magnetic Field (in Hebrew) Studies of Ancient Jerusalem 16 (2021): 81-96

  • Vaknin Y, Shaar R, Gadot Y, Shalev Y, Lipschits O, Ben-Yosef E (2020) The Earth’s Magnetic Field in Jerusalem During the Babylonian Destruction: A Unique Reference for Field Behavior and an Anchor for Archaeomagnetic Dating. PLoS ONE 15(8): e0237029.

  • Shaar R, Hassul E, Raphael K, Ebert Y, Segal Y, Eden I, Vaknin Y, Marco S, Nowaczyk NR, Chauvin A and Agnon A (2018) The First Catalog of Archaeomagnetic Directions From Israel With 4,000 Years of Geomagnetic Secular Variations. Frontiers in Earth Science,6:164.