Institut für Judaistik


Giulia Tucci

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im Sinergia-Projekt "Stamp Seals from the Southern Levant”

PhD - Sapienza, University of Rome – Near Eastern Archaeology
MA - Sapienza, University of Rome – Archaeology
BA - Sapienza, University of Rome – Archaeological Sciences


Southern Levantine stamp seals and their interconnections in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin during the 2nd 1st millennium B.C.

Identification of key assemblages, study of their contexts, material and iconography.

Transmission of ideas and appropriation of innovations: mechanism behind the importation, their entanglement with local practices.

Historical analysis and explanation of societal trajectories and interregional connectivity.

2019   “Depicting the others: Late Bronze Age Southern Levant’s cultural identity and adornment from the Egyptian view: Reality vs Perception” in Kervan International Journal of Afro-Asiatic Studies 23 (2), pp. 117-129.

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2015   “Philistines in Transition: Assyrians and Egyptians in Tel Miqne/Ekron during the 7th Century BCE” in J. Munářová, P. Onderka, P. Pavúk (edd.), There and Back Again- the Crossroads II Proceedings of an International Conference Held in Prague, September 15-18, 2014, Prague 2015, pp.493-510. (with A. Moriconi)